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Find our best facade access system projects around the world.


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IR Sentosa Singapore

IR Sentosa Singapore

Rostek concealed monorail follows the shapes of the structure ideally.

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O2 Arena Prague, Czech Republic

For round-shaped buildings Rostek monorail is an optimal solution.

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Central World Bangkok

Central World Bangkok, Thailand

The climbing monorails follow the curved facades of the tower.

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Dixi Vantaa, Finland

Climbing monorail enables the building maintenance on the train track side of the complex.

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Sheraton Adana, Turkey

Climbing monorail and horizontal monorail tracks are circling the hotel and crawling up the top-level building facade. 

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CTF Finance Center

CTF Finance Center Guangzhou, China

Mainly concealed monorails cover the ceiling structure as well as around the roof-top hotel swimming pool area. 

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China World Trade Center

China World Trade Center Phase 3B, Beijing, China

Delivery of concealed and horizontal monorail, trolleys, gantries and 2 self powered platforms with extensions.

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Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport, United Arab Emirates

The climbing monorails follow the wave-shaped facades around the whole Midfield Terminal complex.

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Energycomplex Bangkok

Energy Complex Bangkok, Thailand

Over 400 meters of climbing and horizontal monorail is circling the office tower.

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Masoala Zoo Rainforest Hall Zurich, Switzerland

Traversing gantries, tracks and access ladders delivered for tree nursing and the maintenance of the Rainforest hall roof. 

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Fusionopolis egg traversing gantry

Fusionopolis Phase 1, Singapore

Rostek’s Gantries and Ladders are intended to form an aesthetic part of any skylight or atrium of Fusionopolis.

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UN City Copenhagen, Denmark

The traversing masts blend in entirely with the white colored facade enabling removable self-hoist platforms to run along the tracks.

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Pazhou complex Guangzhou, China

Davits for the podium area, and the climbing twin monorail system with 3D bendings for the tower top offer safe access to the facades.

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Birmingham New Hospital UK

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birgingham, UK

The climbing monorails follow the hollow and corrugated cylinder-shaped towers both inner and outer facades. 

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The Star Vista, Singapore

The climbing monorail can be seen under the front roof of the main entrance, but the tracks disappear nicely on the upper levels around the tower and on the roof.

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marina one singapore

Marina One, Singapore

The monorails are naturally part of the building by the right RAL colour choice and because of the unique way of installation.

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Asscott Hotel Manila, Philippines 

Monorail and the davit system can be easily mounted for the simple facade. 

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1711 1st Avenue Rostek Davit system

Manhattan apartment buildings NYC, USA 

Enabling regular maintenance for high-rise building facades

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Crown Regency Hotel & Towers Cebu City, Philippines

Monorail is mounted under the canopy. The upper level maintenance is taken care with the help of the davit system.

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RCBC Bank Manila, Philippines

A davit arm can be moved between many pedestals on the roof.

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Sanomatalo Helsinki, Finland

Tailor made roof trolley and monorail solutions added with traversing gantries and ladders

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Clarion Hotel Arlanda, Sweden

The twin rail system on the rooftop to transport Roca Roof Trolley

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