Light Roof Trolleys

Non-visual facade access solution for every building

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Rostek Roof Trolley and BMU Cradle

Rostek's light roof trolleys are an excellent solution for light roofs and double facades. The roof trolley does not disturb facade aesthetics as it is hidden on the top of the building. Therefore, the roof trolley system is chosen if monorails are not accepted on the facade.

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The roof trolley is used in conjunction with a Rostek BMU cradle or suspended platform. Thanks to low weight of the roof trolley it is well suited for light roof structures. The roof trolleys can even climb on inclined roofs making it the perfect solution for the most complex buildings. The roof trolley is traversing on Rostek aluminium tracks which can be bent according to the building shape.

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Rostek Roof Trolley

Rostek Roof Trolley During Winter
Rostek solutions have been sold to over 40 countries. All of the products are designed to last in any weather and any condition. Roof trolleys are hot dip galvanized or powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice. 
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