Rostek Solution Ecosystem

Engineered Access Systems for cleaning and maintaining facades and glass roofs.

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Rostek has delivered many tailored access systems to demanding and most ambitious buildings of the world. We can help you with challenging projects with our tailored solutions.

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Hand Drawn Rostek Monorail Solution


The largest monorail system portfolio in the world.

Rostek innovative aluminium monorails can be fitted to even the most unconventional buildings in the world.

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Suspended Access Platforms

BMU Cradles and Modular Suspended Platforms for permanent installations.

All of Rostek platforms are developed for efficient and safe access for the facade. Therefore we are one of the leading producers worldwide.

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Roof Trolleys

Hidden system for facade access.

Rostek Roof Trolleys are an excellent solution for double facades and for non-visual double track system installations for every roof.

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Different Davit designs which fit different functional needs.

Davits can have a fixed or an adjustable outreach to suit your need. Even the biggest davits are easy to erect and move.

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Gantries & Ladders

Minimal visibility in any type of a building.

Rostek Travelling Gantry & Ladder systems are designed to provide safe access to flat, sloping, curved or vertical areas of glazing, such as skylights, domes or atria.

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