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What makes a building beautiful? Part 1: Beauty and emotions

[fa icon="calendar'] 23/08/17 13:25 / by Niko posted in Not just access systems

Have you ever wondered why some buildings look exciting and welcoming while others don’t? Every building looks different and affects people differently. However, what disdains beautiful buildings from ugly buildings is universal. Alison Lurie explains why beautiful buildings bring joy and happiness and why ugly buildings don’t in her book: The Language of Houses: How Buildings Speak to Us. She writes: “Architecture can make us happy, but like a vulgar, dishonest speech, it can also make us miserable. Ugly, badly constructed buildings are unpleasant to live or work in, and dirt, disorder and failures of décor can also be deeply depressing.” You must agree with Lurie in this one. This blog is mainly influenced by the writings of Lurie with personal opinions of the undersigned.

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Suspended platforms – safe and efficient access for facades

[fa icon="calendar'] 15/05/17 13:15 / by Niko posted in Facade and glass roof access systems

Suspended platforms, cradles, gondolas, access platforms or BMU’s. Whatever you call them, these working platforms offer reliable and safe working conditions in every building. The working platforms are divided into two categories; the self-powered platforms and the roof powered platforms. On the self-powered platforms, the hoists are on the platform and the roof powered version has the hoists on the roof, in the roof machine.

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How to modernize a company and the industry?

[fa icon="calendar'] 28/04/17 09:07 / by Niko posted in Not just access systems

Finland has numerous manufacturing companies, some of them are larger and some smaller, some really traditional and some modernized. Few companies have even changed the whole industry For example, Nokia changed the way people speak in the 90’s and Kone is no longer just selling elevators, it is selling services; long service agreements. Both of these companies are more than 100-year-old companies and recognized worldwide. The key for long success (or failures) has been CHANGE. Quick adaptation to changing environment – modernizing.

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Gantries – safe access to glass roofs, atria, and skylights

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/03/17 13:31 / by Niko posted in Facade and glass roof access systems

A maintenance gantry is a bridgelike framework used as a working platform to reach for the roof surfaces that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach safely. When used in public buildings where aesthetics is important, the gantry will be designed to blend into the surrounding.

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What are the different types of maintenance ladders?

[fa icon="calendar'] 22/02/17 13:30 / by Niko posted in Facade and glass roof access systems

Normal ladders are usually used to climb from one level to another. In many countries, “real work” from a ladder is not allowed unless it has some stable and safe platforms etc. However, bigger maintenance ladders can be used for light construction work, repairs and maintenance tasks like window cleaning especially if the ladders are traversing i.e. moving horizontally along the facade or glass roof.

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Davit system: efficient facade access system for simple buildings

[fa icon="calendar'] 18/01/17 00:00 / by Niko posted in Facade and glass roof access systems

A davit is originally is a special safety device especially for ships. It is most often used for supporting and lowering life boats and other small vessels from big ships. In facade access, the idea is the same: the davit is used for supporting, raising, and lowering BMU-cradles or modular suspended platforms (MSP’s). With this blog post you will get to know the Davit system and its possibilities.

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Light roof trolley system – Smart non-visible facade access solution

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/01/17 12:01 / by Niko posted in Facade and glass roof access systems

Do you need a “hidden” building maintenance unit (BMU) for your facade access? A roof trolley system (or roof car system) is not visible from the street below when it is not used. Light Roof trolleys from are sometimes confused with big roof car machines, which are crane-like machines with long, often telescopic jibs and the hoist on the roof. However, light roof trolley is a flat machine traversing on two parallel aluminium tracks mounted on top of the roof. This text explains the idea of a light roof trolley, when it should be used and what are the advantages and downsides of a light roof trolley system.

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Top five architecture trends for 2017

[fa icon="calendar'] 21/12/16 08:45 / by Niko posted in Trends, Not just access systems

As the final days of 2016 are almost over, it is time to look at the upcoming year of 2017. As always, it seems that there is always something new and something old that is coming up. Here are five of the biggest expected trends for 2017.

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Monorail system: what is it and what is it best for?

[fa icon="calendar'] 13/12/16 08:40 / by Niko posted in Facade and glass roof access systems

When talking about monorails, many of us think of a train travelling on a single track. The word MONO is Latin and means single and naturally a monorail is a single rail.

Interestingly, when we applied for the Patent for our unique monorail back in the 90s, one obstruction for our Patent was a German Patent from the 50's for a monorail for trains, made in steel and 10 times bigger but working exactly as our monorail. Well, we convinced the Patent Office we are not doing trains and got the Patent!

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Introduction to facade and glass roof access systems

[fa icon="calendar'] 30/11/16 10:02 / by Niko posted in Facade and glass roof access systems

If someone would have asked me a few months ago, if I know what a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) or a monorail is, I would have said “no”. However, now I can explain the basics when it comes to the facade and glass roof access systems.

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