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10 Buildings shaped like objects

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/04/18 11:00 / by Niko Siltanen posted in Not just access systems

Around the world more and more different looking buildings are being built. Some of the buildings stand out as tallest in the cities and some because they are just … different. The building can be shaped like a hot dog, guitar or even a dragon. This is called Novelty Architecture. It is a type of architecture in which buildings and other structures are given unusual shapes for purposes such as advertising or to copy other famous buildings without any intention of being authentic. These buildings stand out from the surroundings and some of them are even touristic attractions. The following 10 buildings are divided into three categories:

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4 Steps to consider when choosing a facade access solution

[fa icon="calendar'] 28/03/18 12:47 / by Niko Roschier

In recent decades new technologies, building techniques and construction materials have made it possible for architects and designers to experiment complex patterns while designing building facades.
Trend has been that architects want to design buildings with curves and round edges compared to more traditional straight lines in the past.

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40 years of lifting people – History of the access business and Rostek Part 2/2

[fa icon="calendar'] 08/03/18 13:21 / by Markus Roschier posted in Not just access systems

In Part 1 of the story I explained how Rostek had developed from an importing/trading company to exporting permanently installed access systems, and how we survived the worst recession in western Europe and appointed the key personnel for the next 20 years. Read the first part of the story here.

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How technology will change construction industry

[fa icon="calendar'] 27/02/18 22:29 / by Niko Roschier

Construction is a technology business.

Technology is something which is not just for so called tech companies anymore. Today we are in the middle of the digital transformation, and technology has changed how we engineer, design, manufacture and build.

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40 years of lifting people - History of the access business and Rostek Part 1/2

[fa icon="calendar'] 16/02/18 08:12 / by Markus Roschier

Rostek is growing well and exciting things are happening. We decided it is about time to document some kind of summary of how the Access Business has developed over recent decades.

This has turned into a long story of Rostek, and my life! Is this my personal CV? Hopefully it’s not too boring…

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Comparing Facade Access Solutions and Building Maintenance Units - Guide for Architects, Consultants and Constructors

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/02/18 10:00 / by Niko Roschier

Facades are the most visual element of buildings that determine wether the building is seen as a beautiful and successful in the eyes of people.


You want to keep the buildings facades  up to standards, or it won’t be seen as a high-quality object which generate respect and admiration.


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Rostek buys NorAcon

[fa icon="calendar'] 24/01/18 14:00 / by Harri Roschier posted in News

We are happy and proud to announce that Rostek OY of Finland has acquired 100% of the shares of Norwegian NorAcon AS.

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Improved Quality via Small Victories

[fa icon="calendar'] 18/01/18 13:51 / by Kimmo Paananen posted in Not just access systems

We all think differently on quality. One of the many ways in which I determine quality is appropriateness to its purpose (fitness for use). By this, I mean that the quality is optimal when it conforms to the agreed requirements of each product or service. Optimal quality meets optimal cost-effectiveness. Under quality is costly in the long run, but so is over quality.

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How nature and buildings come together? Oasia Downtown example

[fa icon="calendar'] 14/09/17 13:12 / by Niko Siltanen posted in Trends, Not just access systems

I wrote a text about top five architecture trends for 2017 in the end of 2016. One of the main trends was ”nature”. A great example how buildings and nature can come together is the WOHA-designed Oasia Downtown mixed-use office and hotel tower. It is becoming greener every day. This text will explain the story and idea behind the building.

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What makes a building beautiful? Part 2: Moral and Design

[fa icon="calendar'] 30/08/17 13:25 / by Niko Siltanen posted in Not just access systems

Have you ever wondered why some buildings look exciting and welcoming while others don’t? Every building looks different and affects people differently. However, what disdains beautiful buildings from ugly buildings is universal. This is the second part of the blog series "What makes a building beautiful". Click here to read the Part 1: Beauty and emotions.

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