Suspended Access Platforms

The BMU-cradles and Modular Suspended Platforms (MSP) are designed for efficient access for even the most complex buildings in the world.

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Rostek Roslift BMU

Rostek BMU cradles with one or two hoists meet and exceed the requirements set by European Standard EN1808 for permanently installed access equipment. Our cradles are constructed to the highest standards of quality to ensure reliability and durability.  We also fulfill the US requirements for ASME A120.1, OSHA 1910.66 as well as the New York Advisory Standards 101 and 111.

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The BMU Cradle is a cost effective option for facade access. Especially when there is limited rooftop space the BMU cradle with one of the Rostek suspension alternatives is the best option.

In addition to international standard requirements we offer a variety of optional details for improved efficiency. Our 1-Hoist BMU Cradle for one person is designed to access smaller areas of facade where it would be difficult or impossible to fit our larger 2-Hoist BMU Cradle.

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Rostek BMU Cradles

Modular Suspended Platform MSP

Designed to be used with Rostek Davits, the Modular Suspended Platform can also be installed to any existing structure. Rostek Modular Suspended Platforms can be extended up to 40 feet (12 metres), which makes it easy to access wide areas of a facade in one go. The length of the platform can be easily modified to lengths between 5 and 40 feet.

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