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Rostek Davit System

Davit systems can be used together with short Rostek BMU cradles as well as long Modular Suspended Platforms. Experienced Rostek engineers will provide you with the best solution for your building. Rostek has experience in different countries around the world and knowledge of the local codes and standards that davits require. 

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There are different uses for davits, therefore it is important to have different models. Rostek bottom rotated davit is rotated from the roof top, whereas the top rotated version is mainly rotated from the suspended platform.

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Rostek Hidden Davit
Folded Rostek Davit

Rostek davits consists of two primary components: the davit arm and the base (also called pedestal). The davit arm is a portable part which can be stored to any location when not in use and the base is a permanent part in the building where the davit arm is connected to. 

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