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Niko Roschier
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Why you should pay attention to a building facade maintenance?

[fa icon="calendar'] 03/05/18 10:57 / by Niko Roschier

Architects have been thinking about, arguing over, and adding building maintenance systems into all kind of buildings for the last couple of decades.

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4 Steps to consider when choosing a facade access solution

[fa icon="calendar'] 28/03/18 12:47 / by Niko Roschier

In recent decades new technologies, building techniques and construction materials have made it possible for architects and designers to experiment complex patterns while designing building facades.
Trend has been that architects want to design buildings with curves and round edges compared to more traditional straight lines in the past.

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How technology will change construction industry

[fa icon="calendar'] 27/02/18 22:29 / by Niko Roschier

Construction is a technology business.

Technology is something which is not just for so called tech companies anymore. Today we are in the middle of the digital transformation, and technology has changed how we engineer, design, manufacture and build.

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Comparing Facade Access Solutions and Building Maintenance Units - Guide for Architects, Consultants and Constructors

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/02/18 10:00 / by Niko Roschier

Facades are the most visual element of buildings that determine wether the building is seen as a beautiful and successful in the eyes of people.


You want to keep the buildings facades  up to standards, or it won’t be seen as a high-quality object which generate respect and admiration.


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