The airport hotel with Roca Roof Trolley in Stockholm, Sweden

Clarion Hotel Arlanda is a 5-star hotel building of glass and granite. The curved lines in the top section elegantly match the airport’s architecture. It is located next to Arlanda Airport and is designed by the architects Jan-Ove Fogelberg and Anders Erikols along with interior designers Björkén Architects. The hotel capacity is 414 hotel rooms and suites, two restaurants, a spa-area and 4300 sqm of conference space. Clarion hotel is located in Arlanda Airport, close to Stockholm, Sweden.

The location is perfect for busy travelers, being just a few meters away from Arlanda Express and commuter train connections and the airport shuttle buses. This 13-storey building rises above the noisy runway, but laminated glass with sound control effect as a facade material works for the benefit of good night sleep. The outer glass pane is fully tempered with solar control coating, meaning that optical reflection on the glass facade is not distorted. Rostek designed a simple solution for glass facade maintenance by delivering twin rail system on the rooftop to transport Roca Roof Trolley. The trolley runs along two aluminium tracs fixed to the building structure by steel brackets. When Rostek BMU cradle is hanging from the roof trolley, it enables unobstructed and efficient access for maintaining the hotel facade.

  • Rostek monorail and twin rail systems as well as roof trolleys and custom designed twin trolleys are also designed and manufactured for Arlanda Airport. 
  • Location: Arlanda, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Year of completion: 2012
  • The twin rail system mounted on the hotel roof enables Roca roof trolley to travel and reach the facade with self powered platform by Rostek
  • Rostek roof trolleys are tested in the hard and cold Finnish climate. The body of the roof trolley is made of hot-dip galvanized steel which prevents corrosion well. The lightness of Roca roof trolley makes it an ideal for even the lightest roof structures.

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