The office building and public transportation hub in Vantaa Finland

In 2015, the office and business center Dixi was completed at the Tikkurila railway station in Vantaa, Helsinki metropolitan area. Dixi is the landmark of Tikkurila area, where otherwise a flat style of construction has been favored. The complex rises high above the neighborhood offering great working spaces for a significant number of businesses.

Dixi lies in a narrow plot right beside the railways with the railway terminal of Finland’s third heaviest traffic flow. The adaptation of such a large building to a very tight place was an urbanistic and architecturally significant accomplishment. Architects at Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Oy took a challenging task along with the structural engineering office to be able to design the complex with strict environmental requirements. Dixi awarded the Platinum LEED environmental certificate in 2014 as Finland's first shopping center. Also, Finland's largest, over 6,000 square meters large green roof on top of the parking facilities, belongs to Dixi complex.

 In any conditions, no interruptions are allowed to the train traffic. Therefore the building phase and the future maintenance was carefully planned from the start. Rostek access solutions solved the problem of how to maintain the building on the train track side of the complex. Nearly 600 meters of climbing and horizontal monorail runs in height enabling a BMU to access the facade by the power of Roslift 500.  Rostek tracks allow the green roof of the parking building to flourish in peace.   

  • The opening ceremony was held in January 2015
  • Location: Vantaa, Finland
  • Year of completion: 2015
  • Nearly  600 meters of monorail and climbing monorail track and 2 self powered platforms by Rostek
  • Rostek monorails can be optimized for long or short bracket spacing. The monorail system comprises an aluminium track complete with one of our BMU cradles or suspended platforms with either manual or motorized trolleys, depending on the application and project budget. 

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