Resort World Sentosa in Sentosa Island.

Resorts World Sentosa occupies over 49 hectares of land and can be found in Sentosa Island, southern coast of Singapore - only around 10 minutes from Singapore´s Central Business District. The lifestyle destination resort hosts hotels and Casino, where you can find Rostek access solutions, as well as S.E.A. Aquarium, Universal Studios, and many other attractions. Resorts World Sentosa was designed by International Architects and designers Michael Graves & Associates and was built in record time under three years. The grand opening of the integrated resort was held in late 2012.

 The entrance to the resort is surrounded by shops and restaurants as well as a variety of hotels. Universal Plaza is a wide piazza leading visitors from the main island to Singapore´s luxury destination with a relaxed atmosphere. The central zone of the resort is covered with long, semi-enclosed eco-cooled passages covered by canopies. Crockfords Tower is an 11-storey hotel, and the resort's casino is located beneath the tower. Right beside stands Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, which has meeting and conference facilities and indoor exhibition space. There is a room for 7 300 guests in the exhibition and conference area. The facade maintenance of the hotel buildings is easily and efficiently taken care by using well-hidden monorails and with a variety of electric and manual trolleys where to working platforms can be easily attached and traversed along the area.


  • Construction of Resorts World Sentosa began in 2007, and Crocfords Tower, Hard Rock Hotel, Festive Hotel as well as Hotel Michael, FestiveWalk and Casino opened already in 2010 - two years before the resort Grand Opening.
  • Location: Sentosa Island, Singapore
  • Year of completion: 2010 (hotel buildings, casino, Festive walk and the tower)
  • Over 1,6 kilometers of monorail track and several manual and electric trolleys by Rostek
  • Rostek monorails follow the facade structure around the buildings in the FestiveWalk. An aluminium monorail can be bent to nearly any shape to follow a building form and around different kind of overhangs.

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