Over 400 meters of climbing and horizontal monorail circling the tower

Energy Complex Building of PTT Group Agencies under the Ministry of Energy is located in Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand. The Energy Complex Development Project and the birth of the building answered the need for increasing demand for office space in Bangkok. This building is part of a larger complex of buildings offering a total of 190,000 square meters of office space.

The tower A is a 36-storey building, with 118,000 square meters of office space, housing the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) and its affiliated companies. Architects 49 was the leading architect of the project and KASEM Group took care of the facade construction, and Rostek facade access solution was the functioning part of the complete plan. Rostek designed, manufactured and delivered over 400 meters of climbing and horizontal monorail circling the tower, providing a track for 2 Roslift 500 climbing trolleys.

The Energy Complex is equipped with the latest green technology with automatic air cooling control system, air-to-air heat exchange system, CO2 sensors, glasses panels help to see outside scenery and reduce heat transfer into the building and still allowing sufficient exposure to natural light.

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