Enabling sustainable and regular maintenance for high-rise building facades with Davit system

New York City in the USA is the country´s most densely populated major city, a huge area full of a hectic life. The New York metropolitan area is the largest area in the world by urban landmass and a home for just below 20 million people. Rostek Davit systems were delivered to the reference apartment buildings to ease facade accessing. The apartment buildings are located in Manhattan area, where population density is 72,033 people per square mile (27,812/km² -) according to Wikipedia.

In Mid Manhattan, where high-rise apartment and office buildings is a must, one cannot easily spot davits, located on the roof of 42 West 33rd Street, very close to Empire State Building. The apartment building on 1711 1st Avenue in the Upper East Side is representing one of the highest buildings in that specific area. The space on the roof might be a bit bigger in this building, but the working space on the street level is nearly nonexistent.  Usually, the light maintenance solutions like davits or monorails with suspended access platforms are used for buildings on areas where the lack of space on a street level as well as on the roofs is very limited. The building facades need to be maintained and cleaned more often the more crowded and polluted the area is and therefore heavy cranes or roof cars are very difficult and expensive to use in this kind of areas.


  • Apartment buildings up to 170 meters (558ft.) in height can be accessed with UL  and NYSDOL approved Rostek MSP's
  • MSP's are suspended from the Top Rotating davits, especially designed for the US market.
  • Location: New York City, USA
  • Year of completion: 2012->
  • Rostek Davit system to support a maintenance and repairing on access platforms

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