Pazhou Eyes in Guangzhou

Poly Pazhou C1 and C2 in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China consists of two mixed high-rise buildings and a podium connecting two towers. The architects of this elegant project are Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP. The complex offers hotel capacity and office space looking out to Pearl River, where total floor space for the complex is around 205,000.00 m².

Pazhou is an island in Haizhu District with a great history being an only port allowing foreign merchants to have access to trade in Guangzhou during the Qing Dynasty. The new Poly Pazhou buildings are part of the area redevelopment plan to respect the cultural heritage and emphasize the views to the river along with the easy access construction. The higher of the two towers is C2 with 61 floors (top floor height 265,3 meters) and the architectural height 311 meters. C1 tower is 197,5 meters high with 39 levels and top floor height 155,6 meters. Both towers have "an eye" above the top floor height being over 12 meters wide and nearly 20 meters deep windy tunnel.

The facade maintenance of Poly Pazhou is partly taken care with the help of Rostek solutions. There are 76 meters of climbing twin monorail system with 3D bendings installed on the inner roof of both "eyes." The tracks are approximately 10 meters apart enabling the individual designed telescopic BMU cradle to run along the tracks smoothly. Altogether 142 meters of monorail track and the telescopic suspended platform were delivered to make sure the maintenance efficiency for the highest floor levels. For the podium area, two 4 meter high aluminium davits were provided with a 2.9 meter long suspended platform.

  • Originally planned to open in 2017, postponed to 2018
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Year of completion: 2018 
  • Over 140 meters of monorail track2 telescopic suspended platforms, 2 Davits and a BMU cradle by Rostek
  • Designed to be used with Rostek Davits, the Modular Suspended Platform can also be installed to any existing structure. Rostek Modular Suspended Platforms can be extended up to 12 metres, which makes it easy to access wide areas of a facade in one go. The length of the platform can be easily modified.

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