The luxury appartments and offices in Downtown Singapore 

Marina One consists of two 30-storey office towers, two 34-storey residential towers and a retail podium lying between two large urban parks in the heart of the complex. Designed by Ingenhoven Architects Marina One is located in Financial District, downtown Singapore.

Its unique look reminds of the jungle-like living in the urban area where the parking area is hidden underground, and the escalators run up and down the glass facades taking people up in the units and down to the shops or green garden which seem to make the complex as part of the forest itself. The designers placed openings and shaped the buildings to support the microclimate and maximize airflow around the complex to enable both the most pleasant environment for the residents and office workers as well as to help the green garden to flourish.

The residential towers are penetrated by air wells and slots, for natural ventilation. The efficiency of the building is increased with the facade sun-shading system and high-performance glazing. The towers rising from the greens challenge the facade maintenance, and therefore the Rostek facade access solution was installed in every floor levels already in the building modules at the factory. The access system equipment with customized RAL-colour, and 4,1 kilometers of Rostek monorail tracks running along the curved facades blend in with the building design. The actual cleaning and maintenance work is done from 104 traversing basket ladders tailor-made for this complex.

  • The complex was inaugurated  to use on 15 January 2018
  • Location: Singapore
  • Year of completion: 2018
  • Over 4,1 kilometers of monorail track and 104 traversing ladders by Rostek
  • The monorails are naturally part of the building by the right RAL colour choice and also because of the unique way of installation. The tracks were installed at the same time when the wall elements were built in a factory. The end-result was one of the most invisible access solutions of Rostek history for uniquely shaped buildings. 

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