The Luxury hotel along the Seyhan River, Turkey equipped with Rostek Climbing system

Sheraton Adana Hotel in Turkey has one of the best-rated locations on the bank of the Seyhan River in the center of the city. Adana is Turkey’s fifth largest city located in the southern region of the country. The Sheraton Adana hotel was completed in 2013 and offers hotel accommodation in the fast-emerging city with a capacity of 240 rooms including 18 suites.

The 17-storey hotel is designed by Turkish İki Design Mimarlık and Metex Design. The building architecture is inspired by local culture and heritage elements. Rostek delivered 420 metres of climbing monorail and horizontal monorail tracks circling the hotel and crawling up the top-level building facade. Six Roslift 400 trolleys moves Rostek BMU2 cradles along the facade for the maintenance and window cleaning. The building itself is carefully designed to stand as a high-quality landmark of the Adana city, and a wave-like shape reminds of a modern and dynamic Mediterranean atmosphere.

  • Opened in the late 2013
  • Location: Adana, Turkey
  • Year of completion: 2013
  • 420 metres of climbing monorail track and and horizontal monorail track as well as self powered platforms by Rostek
  • Rostek monorail system comprises an aluminium track complete with one of the BMU cradles or suspended platforms with either manual or motorized trolleys, depending on the application. The monorails can be optimized for long or short bracket spacing most economically without forgetting aesthetical views. 

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