A hub for media and meetings in the heart of the capital of Finland

Sanoma House or Sanomatalo building as the locals call it, in the center of Helsinki, is part of the cultural heart of the Finnish capital. Location is in the city center, where the Central Railway Station, the new public library Oodi, Helsinki Music Centre, Finlandia Hall, the National Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Finnish Parliament House are located. Sanoma House is a nine-storey building with a 3-storey basement. It houses several radio stations and the editorial offices of newspapers, like Helsinki Times. Media Plaza on the street level is a public space acting as a meeting point for visitors, business workers and media. Shops galleries and restaurants can also be found in the building.

Professor Jan Söderlund and Antti-Matti Siikala from SARC Architects designed this translucent glass creation by giving special attention to the glass concepts of facades. The building was completed in 1999 offering 43 000 square meters of space for over 1000 office workers and visitors, who can enjoy the play of reflections and transparency of the building no matter looking it from inside the Media Plaza or from the street outside. The exterior of the building is symmetrical, hiding a colourful atrium and innovative offices inside.

Generous use of glass and metal makes the openness and lightness the critical elements of Sanoma House. Well hidden Rostek access solution is designed to make the safe facade maintenance manners possible. In the Media Plaza, the glass ceiling is high up in 35 meters. Rostek monorail tracks are curving around the atrium inner ceiling, while outside on the roof, you can spot traversing ladders. Monorail and twin rail systems are tailor-made for Sanomatalo since the facade is simple but complex to keep clean. The roof trolley can hardly be seen from the street, and it does not disturb the architecture. Manually movable gantries are also found on the glass roof offering a beautiful city view for the maintenance team. The light aluminium gantries and ladders also look light, and this makes them ideal for public places, where no extra attention to maintenance equipment is not needed.

  • One of the city´s famous buildings with panoramic elevators,  and originally ordered for the headquarters of Sanoma Corporation in late 90´s.
  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Year of completion: 1999
  • Several hundred meters of monorail, twin monorail track and the roof trolley as well as travelling gantries and ladders by Rostek
  • Rostek gantries can be installed below or above the track lines. The track profile decision is made according to the installation environment, possible bracket spans and size as well as load of the gantry. 
  • Rostek roof trolley weights less than 300 kilos (700 lbs.) and twin aluminium tracks are less than 15 kilos (33 lbs.) per meter. Therefore the roof trolley system is suitable even for light roof structures.

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