The New hospital in Birmingham, UK with the tailor-made access system solution

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham, UK opened in June 2010. It replaced the previous Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Selly Oak Hospital completely in 2011. The new hospital is also a home of the 'Royal Centre for Defence Medicine,' which cares for injured from conflict zones, as well as trains Army, Navy and Air Force medical staff. The hospital was designed by BDP Architects, who also acted as a landscape architect and acoustic consultant and was responsible for the design of the site master plan. The finished hospital complex comprises three 63-meter-tall towers, each nine stories tall connected by walkways. Facilities include 1215 patient beds, 30 operating theatres and 3,800 car parking spaces on the 50-acre site.

The actual construction project lasted around four years, and Rostek designed as well as delivered the complete, tailor-made access system solution to cover the maintenance need for the new hospital. The delivery consisted altogether of 1,2 kilometers of monorail tracks, 6 Roslift climbing trolleys as well as 9 BMU2 cradles for hospitals maintenance work. The multidimensional shape of the hospital provides a good amount of a challenge to the facility maintenance team, but with Rostek access solution consultation the end-result was well working and blended in the building design.

  • The project was finished in 2010 and the new hospital functions operated fully in late 2011
  • Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Year of completion: 2010
  • 1,2 kilometers of monorail tracks, 6 Roslift climbing trolleys  and several horizontal Trolleys with 9 self powered platforms by Rostek
  • The climbing monorails follow the hollow and corrugated cylinder-shaped towers both inner and outer facades. 

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