Rostek access solution enables easy maintenance for the upper levels of the hotel tower

Centara Grand at CentralWorld is a five-star hotel and part of the CentralWorld Plaza complex in Bankok, Thailand. The hotel tower is adjaced to the 50-story office tower, raising it’s beautifully shaped facade arches 235 meter high. The magnificent building was completed in 2013 and was designed by Associate Architects. The building project was an expansion of the older shopping Center, and because of the development, CentralWorld Plaza became that time the third largest mall in the world.

CentralWorld is located in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping and business district. Visiting guests can enjoy spectacular views from the rooms and enjoy gourmet delights in the open-air rooftop bar. The bar is 59 floors high, and the bar archers reach the sky neatly lightened up during the night time, being one of the most attractive reference locations where Rostek monorail tracks follow the shape of the facade maintenance route even vertically around the roof-top area. Centara Grand tower is an example of a unique building where Rostek was able to offer Roslift 500 high-performance climbing trolley that runs along the inclined monorail to suspend and traverse a BMU-cradle. ,Together with 3D bending for the monorail, Rostek solution enables easy maintenance for the upper levels of the hotel tower.

  • The hotel tower of the commercial complex was completed in 2008
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Year of completion: 2008
  • Over 360 metres of climbing monorail track and Rostek Roslift 500 system 
  • The climbing monorails follow the curved facades of the tower and around the arches at the roof-top bar level. The Roslift solution is typically the least energy consuming and the most reliable solution for the vertical and curved shaped tracks.

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